SF Mechatronic Sdn Bhd is a Leading Technology based,
Global Company in providing Total Automation Solutions.

SF Mechatronic Sdn Bhd is an Automation Solutions Provider for your industrial needs. Our mission is continuing improving to breakthrough. We focus to develop Long Term Business Partnership with our clients and business partners. 

SF Mechatronic delivers Total Customer Satisfaction and Total Solution in the dynamic and competitive industrial environment.

The Solutions that we delivered

Automation Solution Auto Insert System

Automation Solution – In-Line Suck & Blow
Cleaning System

Automation Solution

LED Test & Vision Inspection

Lead Frame Pick & Place Module

U-Shim Attachment Machine

Auto Glue System Dispensing Machine

T&R Inspection System Dispensing Machine

Clash Test & Vision Inspection Handler

Trim & Form cum Laser Mark

Hydraulic Tester Machine

Leakage Tester Machine

Solar Panel Conveyor

Wafer Cassette Cleaner

Hydraulic Tester Machine

Auto Spot Weld Machine

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