Automatic Sterilizer Tunnel AST 112A Face Recognition with Temperature Measuring

AutomaticSterilizerTunnelAST-112A -F_(Face Recognition)_3
AutomaticSterilizerTunnelAST-112A-F_(Face Recognition)
AutomaticSterilizerTunnelAST-112A-F_(Face Recognition)_2

Sterilization to Prevent Cross Infection


  • Low Sanitizer Liquid Consumption Industrial Standard
  • Durable
  • Mobile
  • Easy Installation

AUTOMATIC STERILIZER TUNNEL is using super oxidized water QRIS Hypochlorous acid(HOCl), manufactured form 100% natural resources, and is 100% safe for humans, it does not have any chemicals or toxic content. QRIS Hypochlorous acid(HOCl) killing 99%of viruses, bacteria, bacillus fungi, and spores.

AUTOMATED STERILZER TUNNEL can differ in shape and dimensions depending on client requirement, and can be used for different building types, including :

  • School/Institute
  • Hospital
  • Government Office
  • Police Station
  • Factory
  • Apartment/Condo
  • Construction Site
  • Shopping Mall
  • Bank
  • Wet Market
  • Airport
  • Hotel