We have a wide range of capabilities to meet our customers’ metal fabrication needs.
We specialize in precision sheet metal, CNC machining, and welding fabrication.
We are a great fit for companies that require precision parts and complex assemblies
while expecting quality. We also offer engineering, mechanical assembly, metal
finishing, and local shipping services as well.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1.5m x 3meter with Shuttle Table

• PerfectCut~Accuracy±0.05mm
• Excellent Speed ~ 3050mm / min
• High Performance ~ Fly-CUT Technology

CNC Turret Punching Machine 1.5m x 3meter

• 33 Stations
• Suitable for 1500 x 3000mm sheets
• H+L Voith branded 20 and 30 tons high speed cylinder
• Auto repositioning clamps
• 3 clamps
• O type body structure
• Backlash sensor on X axis
• Punch 2000 strokes per minute
• Brushed table with automatic ball bearing
• Clamp safety check system

LDV CNC Bending

• Sheet metal bending and forming
• Maximum work piece length 1.5′ x 8′
• Maximum load or force 80 tons
• Overall tolerance +/- 0.25mm
• 5-axis back gauge

LVD NC Press

• Sheet metal bending and hemming
• Maximum work piece length 1.5′ x 10′
• Maximum load or force 100 tons
• Overall tolerance +/- 0.5mm

LVD Shearing Machine

• Sheet metal cutting and blanking
• Maximum work piece length 4′ x 8′
• Maximum work piece thickness: Mild Steel 6mm, Aluminum 6mm, Engineering Plastic 6mm
• Maximum load or force 80 tons
• Overall tolerance +/- 0.5mm


• CO2 Welding
• Argon Welding
• Spot Welding
• Overall tolerance +/- 1mm
• Type of Material: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum