Temperature Monitoring & Face Recognition Device


Zero Contact When Measuring Body Temperature


  • Compact Integration of features, ease of use and installation
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Huge memory storage and quick response, less than 300ms
  • Support 3rd party Apps generation and able to inter-connect with PC systems or mobile devices, Open ports
  • Provide HR / Admin. / Security data recording, tracking, searching capabilities
  • Built-in features design to allow a clean outlook and equipped with robust Aircraft grade Al alloy and high pressure resistance display surface.


  • Real Eyes balls tracking capability, thus avoiding photo tricking, a fool proof feature
  • High precision Face1:1 Precision>=99.9%, Face1 N Precision>=99.9%
  • Quick recognition 1:1 Single frame comparison time 60ms 1 N the Single frame comparison time is 300ms within 10,000 faces database
  • Auto-induction: Camera is triggered for face recognition once the IR sensor detects movement
  • Face recognition feature is able to give a GO or No-GO instruction to the entry gantry or bars; including setting of mask wearing limits etc
  • Provide high accuracy temperature detection, +/- 0.2 deg C
  • Self-service face collection and batch import name-list, more convenient and efficient to manage the name-list Supporting photo and advertising video broadcasting
  • Reach to 100,000 pieces of data (write-in circle)